Facing Family Law Issues?

Count on a family law firm in Amarillo, TX

Divorce and child custody are complicated and emotionally charged legal matters. If you need a resolution to a family law issue, the Law Office of Lucas Williams, PLLC can guide you through the entire process, step by step.

What's best for your child?

Turn to Lucas Williams if...


The state has taken your child: Are you fighting child protective services? Let an experienced child protection lawyer handle your case.


Your ex-spouse is suing you for custody: Divorce law and child custody law overlap significantly. Let a lawyer help you sort them out.


You've lost contact with your grandchild: A grandparent has rights in Amarillo, TX. Find out how far yours extend.

Are you wondering how to provide for your family after an accident? The Law Office of Lucas Williams, PLLC can also handle personal injury law cases in the Amarillo, TX area. Sit down with a personal injury lawyer to find out if you could be eligible for financial compensation.

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