How long does the divorce process take in Texas?

The court must wait at least sixty (60) days from the day one spouse files for a divorce before signing a final divorce decree. Once the final decree of divorce is signed by the judge, the divorce is now finalized. If the divorce is uncontested and both parties agree on all the issues, the whole process will take just a little more than sixty (60) days.

Although uncontested divorces resolve in a little more than sixty days, the reality is that there are many issues in a divorce - child support, visitation, property division, who the child lives with, etc. - and many spouses wind up contesting each over as a result of these issues. If your divorce is contested, you can expect it to take much longer than just sixty days. Exactly how long it will take will depend upon each party and how contested each issue is. As a general rule, the more contested the issues are - such as each spouse wants the child to live with him or her and is unwilling to compromise on that issue - the longer the divorce will take.